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2013 December



Seeing the world in 4K

  • By David


I had some time to shoot with a RED ┬ájust for fun this weekend. It’s nice being able to take a camera through its paces off of a project. I headed out early on Thanksgiving morning to shoot some landscapes on a Scarlet while the family watched the parade in their PJs. Needless to say, it was quiet and peaceful in the Coast Range, and we had some nice, clear weather and interesting skies, atypical for Oregon in November.

On the one hand, 4K can often feel like overkill. After all, most HD broadcasts are still 720, and nobody out there is really broadcasting, projecting or serving 4k files to audiences. I’m sure it’ll happen someday, but the infrastructure seems to be years away. ┬áSo why shoot in 4K? Of course there’s the future-proof/archival reasons for doing so.

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