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Shooting a Dream Car

  • By David

Yellow Mercedes

Though we didn’t get to drive it, we still can’t complain about spending a day shooting a preview of a Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS Black Series. It’s hard to decide what made our jaws drop more, the car or the stunning views on Mt. Hood’s Lost Lake Road.

Our aerial work shows up around the 16:20 mark, but this video is well worth a full view. On top of an unbelievable car, you get a quick tour of our corner of Oregon and see why this is such an amazing place to shoot.

It took nearly eight hours to nail a dozen shots, but the producers, Seth and Levi, did an amazing job of integrating the shots. They’re real pros, but with a low-key style that made the shoot fun, and it was nice to get a glimpse of how another crew works with minimal gear and achieves polished results.

They shoot a different episode in a new location nearly every month. It’s a quick turnaround for such a light crew…a week shooting and a couple weeks of editing. In recent episodes they traveled in Colorado and South Africa. It reinforces my sense that the most interesting content is being produced for the web, and we were lucky to be part of this project.


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