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First flight

  • By David

We’ve spent the last year perfecting our new aerial camera platform, and we’re starting to put it to use on the wine documentary. We should have it ready for use on commercial projects beginning in the spring of 2013. Low-altitude aerial adds an entire new dimension to digital storytelling.

First takeoff

With this rig we’re able to lift anything from a DSLR to a cinema camera like a Canon C-300 or Sony FS700, but we’re using our durable standby, the Canon 7D. We snuck out during one clear morning last week to capture these images. We lucked out when the clouds and fog were hanging in low pockets in the Oregon Coast Range near Philomath.

Vineyards from ailr

These shots were taken at Cardwell Hill Cellars in the Wren Valley, one of the spectacular spots that also just happens to be in our back yard. As with any cinematography projects, time of day is critical, and we showed up just as the fog was breaking, about 15 minutes after dawn.

Stay tuned for more aerial footage.

– David

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