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Brand cinema is ‘content marketing’

  • By David

This article about “content marketing” applies to web and commercial video production as well.

“Effective content marketing holds people’s attention. It gives you a distinctive brand, loyal fans and increased sales.”

If you want to share the story of your business through video, you have to give your audience a reason to watch. If you’re not careful to craft a compelling story that inspires them or gives them a message worth taking home and sharing, then you’re spinning your wheels.  Other than your friends and family, nobody’s going to watch your video, and they’re certainly not going to pass it along to others.

“Don’t pick the wrong people to create your content.”

Okay, you probably know where I’m going with this. I’ll admit that I’m making a case for creating what we call “brand cinema” instead of merely creating web videos. Whether you’re shooting photos for your website, hiring someone to write marketing copy, or considering multiple multimedia companies to create online video or commercial content, get a sense of where they stand on storytelling.  Do you trust them to tell the story of your business? Have you seen the work they’ve done in the past?  Do you find that work inspiring?

“Storytelling is fundamental to human interaction, and it can make your content more compelling and your brand more engaging.”

Advertising and commercial work is still storytelling. It’s what humans have been doing for thousands of years to pass the time. Everyone loves a good story. Would you rather hear a sales pitch or a story?

Lots of good thinking in that post.